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To me a classic car should be driven as originally intended and not just stored away in some fancy garage, only to be taken out once or twice a year. My objective for my cars is to be as reliable as possible on the long haul, keeping them as original as possible. Also, do I very much enjoy driving them together with friends and likewise interested vintage car enthusiasts, just for the pure sake of moving these cars around lovely landscapes and spectacular roads.

By driving a group of vintage cars around the country gives so much pleasure and you easily get to meet many interesting people with their own vintage car stories to tell. It's so rewarding, and at the same time, to me its the best way of maintaining the roadworthiness of each car. That in mind that's exactly how our Tours started.

Since 2000 I have been on Mille Miglia and Nuvolari Tours, accordingly, they have grown bigger as has my collection of personal dream cars. Cars I have some sort of relationship with. It gives me quite some pleasure witnessing others having fun driving these beauties and taking good care of them as they were their own. Living close by the Alpine area off cause gives you ample opportunities close by and further away to experience quite some magical areas and Passes. Italy Austria Slovenia are just a few hours away and always make for a spectacular drive. The biggest vintage car gatherings, the Mille Miglia in May and the Nuvolari in September are also only hours away.

Tours offered here are non-commercial Tours.

(The objective here is: Having as much fun as possible, meet new like-minded folks and just enjoy the special setup)


Overall costs to be shared by all:

In case accommodation or venues need to be pre-booked and paid. Those costs need to be paid after signing up for a Tour, and are strictly non refundable. If possible Hotel, Food and Beverages costs will be paid individually at the venue.


Tour specific costs to be shared by all participants:

Mechanic with Trailer and car (non-negotiable, for all)

Starting Numbers and Jackets, caps. Organization fee.


Individual costs:

If you drive your own car. No costs as you pay for your own car.


Those driving my cars:

extra insurance, maintenance and Service fee, Supplies costs (Oil, spark plugs and other spares) might occur.

Fuel costs and consumables, road fees and spares, are shared by all, no matter what car they drive. Some cars use more fuel than others.


Its by no means a bargain vacation, but compared to what your are signing on to, driving these beautiful well kept cars in this unique environment, it is a rather reasonable way to make such a experience.