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Infos about our Mille Miglia Tour

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The End of one Mille MIglia is only the start of the next one.... Check with us on the next upcomming Tour

What its all about:

Its all about enjoying this unique experience together with friends, with no hurry and stress. We can stop where ever we want to and still

don´t miss a second of the cars passing by.

The main objective is to enjoy the company,

the scenery, the food and last but not least the cars we drive amongst all these other beauties on the road.

The Mille Miglia Tour

Every year in May a huge group of people with Trucks, trailers or selfdriving vintage cars invade the city of Brescia in Northern Italy to embark on the biggest vintage roadrace in the world. Hundreds of thousands of specttators from all over the world are there to view this truly fantastic event. Its Mille Miglia time.

And we are part of it, driving in the middle of all these beautiful well kept rare cars.  " It´s not only driving with vintage cars, it´s driving with vintage cars among vintage cars in a spectacular environment" Just unreal!

Words really can´t explain this experience... its something you just have to do yourself, but be warned its highly adictive!

Come in and find out!!!

join us on a spectacular Tour

Mille MIglia



About this Tour...

Our Tour starts near Munich on a Saturday and will end the following Sunday back at the place of Origin.

We will embark on a leisurely drive across the Alps with our Destination being a nice Tuscan Villa somewhere in the Florence Sienna area, which will be our home base for the whole Tour. Having arrived at our house we will have a lot of time to either explore the region individually or join the group on day tours in the area. That might include visiting private vintage car collections, car manufacturing factories like Ferrari Lamborghini Maserati or Zonda or otherwise interesting sights worth to be seen. Anyway, we will drive through fantastic picturesque landscapes with our beautiful vintage cars. Thursday it will be an option to drive to Brescia and take in the presentation and Start of the Mille Miglia. Friday we will drive as a group to join the Mille Miglia and drive with them for a fair amount of time and will head back to our Villa in the early evening to have a final dinner and enjoy a nice evening together. Saturday again we will join the Mille Miglia nearby and follow them all the way back to Modena where we will be staying close by at our Hotel. On Sunday then we will head back to Munich across some very nice Alpine Passes, just in time to end the Tour with a nice Dinner in a Bavarian Restaurant.

Our Tour includes all accomodation and Service cars and a Mechanic who will assist you, if so needed.